Child Driven Education

David Thornburg, an educational visionary, elaborated upon an Arthur C. Clarke sentiment when he wrote, “Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer, deserves to be.

According to David Thornburg, computers should be viewed as a tool for teaching rather than a threat. Technology should help educators do things that were impossible to do before. It can help achieve educational goals while improving new ways of teaching. Educators should focus on knowledge and understanding when it comes to technology rather than data and information. In the past, teachers had to worry about providing the trivia facts rather than providing a full understanding of events and facts. Now, with the use of the Google search engine, students can easily access those minor details, while teachers can provide the information that computers cannot.

Thornburg also believes, that the traditional teaching structure in the classroom has been proven to be ineffective. Meaning that sitting the children in roles in front of one instructor is not the best arrangement for teaching, and that we should take a more technological approach when it comes to creating an effective teaching environment.


Iterview with David Thornburg is Out of this World

Can Computers Replace Teachers?



The message that a future educator should take from Mitra’s Hole in the Wall experiments is that children can learn from one another if they are motivated by curiosity and peer interest. Students learn better if they chose what they wanna learn. A future educator should think of how an instruction can implement all aspects of a mandatory curriculum and the use of innovated teaching techniques.

Technology is important to me, it always has been. I chose Graphic Design as my first major because I have a passion for both art and technology. I plan to use technology as much as I can in my classroom. I plan on staying current and relevant with the emerging mediums of technology.


3 thoughts on “Child Driven Education

  1. I agree! Technology should be utilized to inform education instead of relied upon. Being a graphic designer and being so familiar with modern technology will only better you classroom and teaching methods. I too, started in the arts and am now trying to teach an art form. I think that there is a whole world of technology within art and that it is important students have the resources and outlets to share their ideas and expressions.


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