Screencasting in the Classroom



My experience with using a screecasting program like Snagit has been exiting, and I plan to continue using it throughout my career. This was my second time using Sangit this month; I made an introductory video for Educ 458. I’m glad I had a bit of experience with the program before this assignment, because the first time I used it, it took me a long time to figure some things out. At first, I had trouble with the microphone because my desktop doesn’t have an embedded one. Thank goodness my husband has the headphones that have the microphone, that he uses to play online games.

I really like this program because it’s very user friendly. I like the countdown before it starts to record, because it allows you to take a deep breath and relax a little before the presentation. I also like the fact fact that you can stop recording and resume recording at any time, without making the video sound choppy.

The first educational use of the screencasting program would be an introductory video on the first day of class. Students love to learn more about their teacher, and it also helps to break the ice. I would show pictures of my family and pets. I would show them the places I’ve traveled. I would show them pictures of where I grew up as a child. I also would share with them some of my dreams and goals from childhood. This would allow the students to warm up to me and see me as much more than just their teacher.

The second educational use would be to show videos on how to improve their math skills with different websites. I would show the safest websites for children. I would pick the ones that are very interactive and full of graphics, specially the ones explaining fractions and geometry.

The third educational use would be a video showing them my rules and expectations. The video would introduce them to positive re-enforcement techniques as a way to manage behavior. The students will learn how to earn points and rewards for good behavior. I would use animation with the help of; a website to  create professional animation videos.

The fourth educational use would be to show them how to use graphic design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, so they can use them as presentation tools. They can learn how to take ordinary photos and enhance them by taking them out of the backdrop, or change the colors on them. They can learn how to create magazines, posters or pamphlets so they can present their work. They can even learn how to create websites using these programs.

The fifth educational use for the screencasting programs would be to create a video on emergency preparedness. It can include preparedness tips and guidelines for earthquakes and active shooters. It would include YouTube videos, websites with tips and information, and images.

I would use the following links on my screencast videos:


3 thoughts on “Screencasting in the Classroom

  1. Hi Dalia,

    I found the topic of your tutorial very unique and interesting. I have always wanted to work part-time as an entertainer but could never learn to fold balloon animals or facepaint. I also mentioned math tutorials in my posts because of all the subjects, I struggle most with mathematics. I find myself “youtubing” math tutorials as I presently prepare for the CBEST.

    Your idea about a visual on emergency preparedness caught my attention. I have not previously given that a thought- good point! Also, I’ve never heard of GigSalad before, thanks for the tutorial!

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  2. I found your tutorial to be very unique! I have never considered face painting but it could be a great addition to my set of skills being that I am in the performing arts and costuming, make-up, and doing hair, play a huge role. Additionally, I enjoyed your idea of presenting an “ice breaker” with a screencast for the first day of school. I too believe this is a great way to introduce yourself and gain some of your students trust. Sometimes students forget teachers are “people too” and that we have lives of our own outside of school. Thank you so much for the great tutorial and very informative blog!

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  3. What a great and unique idea. I chose Pinterest because I’m clearly not that creative! I like how you mentioned how you would use screencasting like with Adobe as an educational tool. I took the question as a more general idea. The options with screencasting really are endless when it comes to educating each other.

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