There are many benefits to creating an ePortfolio. The first benefit is that an employer or a university can easily access the URL to my ePortfolio. It is much easier for potential employers to view my work and introductory statement online rather than dealing with tedious file formats such as PDFs and RTFs or JPGs. I’ve had experiences before where the hiring manager could not view my resume because it wasn’t in the correct file format.

The ePortfolio can include not only my resume and personal statement, but also samples of my work such as videos, images, letters of recommendation. I can easily share this content via email or post a link of it to my professional FB profile or Linkedin profile. I can also conveniently link the URL to an online application of some sort. In the Graphic Design field, most employers require an online portfolio or ePortfolio along with a resume. They don’t want to deal with the file formats that I mentioned earlier, instead they want to simply click on a web link and have have all the information they need right at their fingertips. I’m sure we will start to see this requirement in the education field as well.

ePortfolios can be applied to my future K-12 classrooms in several ways. My ePortfolio can be viewed by my students and colleagues as a way to get acquainted with me. I can also teach my students how to create one for themselves so they can use for scholarship applications, competitions, and academic applications. It is beneficial to the students to familiarize themselves with these online tools at a young age.

The following link explains ePortfolios in more detail:



2 thoughts on “ePortfolios

  1. I agree, having an ePortfolio shows potential job prospects a different and more in depth look at who you are and what you do. Especially for someone like you who has music to show. It would be perfect for people to log in and look at what you do and decide what they like and don’t like.


  2. Amazing way to start your blog. It really got me interested and I thought it ties in perfect to how you mentioned the e portfolio is an introductory statement. This is a simple and great way to introduce yourself to potential employers on a variety of media platforms. I also liked the way you include it into your teaching as a bio. Parents might find that helpful and want to look at not only who you are but what you have to offer to your students.


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