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I was introduced to Google Classroom by the English teacher I work with at Central High School in Barstow CA. Even though I would see her using it to assign classwork to the students, I never got hands-on experience with it. So I decided to choose it so I can learn more about it. I believe Google Classroom will stay relevant for years to come. They will make many modifications to its interface, but I don’t see it going anywhere soon. It seems to be one of the most used technology tools in educational settings in recent years.

One of the major advantages that I find about the tool is its time saving features. A teacher can quickly create an assignment with detail instructions and appropriate documents attached. Students can easily join the classroom with the use of a code. The teacher can conveniently view the process of the students and can respond to any questions. It will definitely help save paper clutter if everything is done through Google Docs. Students can submit their work as web-links instead of printing it out.

A disadvantage with using Google Classroom is that you must have strong internet connection. Especially if you live in a rural area. For example, people that live in places like Crestline CA, a mountain community where the internet connection is limited.

Even though, I didn’t get to use all of its features because I didn’t have any joined students, and I didn’t actually grade any work, I found it really easy to use. It was very easy to navigate and create information. I particularly enjoyed the Calendar feature because it allowed you to see when everything is due.

My son Tyson said that it is really easy for him to use at school. He says that they log on to their Google Classroom account every morning, and immediately start working on their assignment right on application. I can just imagine the class schedule going real smoothly with the use if such technology.

Google Classroom is definitely working for schools and it’s here to stay.


2 thoughts on “Cool Ed Tech Tool

  1. I am a huge fan of Google classrooms, and I also haven’t had enough time to really explore it and see everything that it has to offer our classrooms. Thank you so much for the walkthrough, I know it’s something I will be using in the future so you gave me a glimpse into how it works and the benefits involved. Thank you for that!


  2. I think the Google classroom is a great tool. I have used it in the classroom during my long term sub positions and it helped me keep students engaged. It also gave me an opportunity to utilize a tool that was being used by the main teacher.

    I was able to retrieve archived assignments that I used in other classrooms and helped with keeping up with assignments and grading because it can all be done online. Great tool and great job.


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