WOW! I think I made it…



I seriously can’t believe I made it after all that hard work and enhancing learning experiences. When I first singed up for this course I had no idea what the course was really going to be about, when I saw that first video of Sugata Miltra explaining his Hole in the Wall Project, I was blown away. I always thought about the concept of technology based learning, but I didn’t know the level of acceptance in today’s schools. I realized now that the framework for 21st century learning is becoming more and more accepted by not only private schools, but also public schools. The thought that I’m part of this 21st century learning method really gives me confidence that I will do a great job as an educator.

I really enjoyed all the aspects of Project Based Learning which is under the umbrella of the 21rst century learning framework. Schools have been using Project Base Learning methods for quite a while, and have been using limited available technologies. But with the growing trend of computer applications as well as education based websites, Project Based Learning has been taken to a different level. I particularly enjoyed the use of the Google Applications to complete and share assignments and information because they save so much time and I never have to worry about saving my work. Everything is automatically saved on the “cloud”. That’s the kind of piece of mind that I would like my future students to have when completing their projects and assignments.

The wiki page method of collaborating with teachers and teammates was very new to me. The first time I heard “wiki” I thought it was referring to Wikipedia, and I became very confused about the whole process of creating one. Now that I understand the process of creating pages and editing them, I can see a wiki page being very useful in the classroom.

I’m very glad that I was able to learn so much more about technological teaching methods. I plan to use as much as what I learned in the classroom, and I will continue to expand my knowledge of technology. I know technology will make an easy and fun teaching experience for me!


One thought on “WOW! I think I made it…

  1. Dalia just to let you know I have enjoyed working with you and thank you for your patience. I also believe I will be using some of this new technology in my class and keep trying to keep up. 🙂


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